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Jan 05 2015

How to Enhance the Look of Your Eyelashes

Who knew that eyelashes could be so important? Since ancient times eyelashes have been decorated, coated and combed to enhance expression in both men and women. Here are our top ways to enhance those fluttery frames around your eyes.

Good Mascara – Yes, It’s an Investment!

We have all tried crappy mascara that has made our eyelashes either clump, look spidery and straight or have even left residue on our cheeks! Investing in good quality mascara will condition your eyelashes and give you a full natural look.

Fill in the Lines

Filling in your top and bottom waterlines can make your eyelashes appear fuller. Use an eye pencil that is similar to the color of your mascara and gently line the inner rim of your lower and top lash line.

Curler + Heat + Mascara = Extra Volume

Use your blow dryer to heat up your eyelash curler and then curl away! After, add a good coat of mascara, let it dry fully and curl once more.

It’s Prime Time

Eyelash primer is always an option and can do wonders for your lashes! Eyelash primer can be found in any cosmetic aisle and is applied before mascara application to condition and hydrate your lashes. Your lashes will feel more pliable and natural throughout the day.

Be Gentle!

Removing your mascara at the end of the day with a gentle makeup remover such as ME (MaxEffects naturals™) will promote healthier lashes. Going to bed with mascara on or vigorously rubbing your eyes with mascara on will break your eyelashes.

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