May 13 2015

The “No Soap and Water” Facial Cleansing Trend – We’ve Got You Covered

You’ve probably heard the buzz on cleansing waters or “micellar solutions” through international beauty bloggers. Micellar cleansing waters originated in France and were sought after by visitors to France including international models, celebrity makeup artists and entertainers. The bottom line on micellar waters is that they are any cleansing product that requires no water or scrubbing, removes face and eye makeup, contains micellar (which is a fatty acid and/or surfactant that has both water and oil binding properties), and requires no rinsing.

Today’s moto in skin care is “less is more”: less chemicals, less abrasive and less time. The beauty behind the cleansing water technology is that it offers all of the above. You’re probably wondering what cleansing waters are actually formulated with? The answer is amazingness – just kidding (although they really make your face feel amazing).

Most cleansing waters are formulated with water, a surfactant which is made of fatty acids and allows the cleansing water to bind to makeup and remove it all without any added oiliness or irritation from alcohol. Me MAXeffects naturals™ 3in1 Eye and Face Makeup Remover Plus Toner is a Canadian cleansing water that is a must try! Besides doing everything that a traditional cleansing or micellar water does, it actually does more by balancing your skin’s pH and toning all in one easy step! Me MAXeffects naturals™ is paraben free and is 96% natural.

So what’s the hype surrounded around cleansing waters or micellar solutions and how can they be beneficial to your skin? Cleansing waters are the new fountain of youth that cleanses the skin by removing eye and face makeup, pollution and dust without the need for soap and water. That’s right ladies, this miracle product doesn’t require you to rinse afterwards, which is actually beneficial to your skin by preventing the skin from being stripped of its natural oils that contribute to accelerated ageing. The good old soap and water days which caused you to have to restore your skin’s hydration with heavy and oily moisturizers are over!

Whether you wear makeup or not, cleansing waters are a quick solution to getting thoroughly cleansed skin without the abrasiveness, dehydration and hassle that most cleansers and soap offer. If you have sensitive skin and eyes, try Me MAXeffects naturals 3in1 Eye and Face Makeup Remover Plus Toner because it is pH balanced to a teardrop and formulated with Cucumber Extract and Cornflower Water to soothe your skin.

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