Apr 20 2015

8 Habits to Stay Fit

Fitness is an ongoing cycle that has to be adjusted through different stages in life. Sometimes life happens and the gym is not as excisable as it once was or sometimes no matter how much time we invest in the gym it’s just not cutting it! Getting fit and lean is a lifestyle. Here are 10 habits to stay fit.

  1. Take the Stairs: It so much easier said than done – especially when you are in a hurry! Sneaking in the stairs each day can give you the little bouts of cardiovascular exercise that you need, muscle tone and a few less calories to worry about.
  2. Park Further: Don’t waste time finding the nearest parking spot and spend that time walking. Studies show that taking a few extra steps each day can contribute to overall health and wellness that will benefit you in future years to come.
  3. Practice Good Posture: Weather you are in a desk or standing, engage your core by comfortably pulling your navel in and tucking your tailbone in. Keeping your core muscles engaged throughout the day not only provides good posture but keeps your abdominal muscles toned and tight.
  4. Get a Good Night’s Rest: Ensuring that you get a good night’s rest increases your activity level for the next day. Take on the world with 8 or more hours of sleep.
  5. Don’t Eat or Drink Empty Calories: Eating nutrient rich foods that are a bit higher in calories nourishes your body the way it needs to. Empty calories include alcohol, sugar and carbohydrates.
  6. Get On Up: Research is starting to show that sitting for more than 30 minutes can be detrimental to your health. If you are in class or at work, try to get up every 30 minutes to stretch and move around.
  7. Wait in Line: Waiting in line is just a waste of time. Make use if your wait time by improving your fitness through simple calf raises that no one would notice!
  8. Watch TV: Watching your favorite TV series doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Sneak in some quick full body floor exercises such as squats, leg raises and ab series to get you lean and toned.
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