May 25 2015

What’s in your beauty bag? 10 Must Haves to Complete Your Spring Look

We’ve talked about spring 2015’s fashion and beauty trends and it’s time spring clean your beauty bag to achieve this season’s minimalist look. You’ve heard it before, the “natural look” is technically not so natural after all, so clean out your makeup bag and add these springtime essentials to achieve this season’s minimal look.

Item #1 – Lip Stain
Swap your lipsticks for a lip stain to get perfectly just bitten looking lips. Choose a stain that is similar to your natural lip color which allows develop more color for a night out if you need to.

Item #2 – Eyeliner
Electrify your eyes by adding a pop of color with an eyeliner rather than eye shadow. Line your eyes with electric blue, copper or even deep plum for bold color.

Item #3 – Light Coverage Foundation or BB Cream
Blur imperfections and balance out your skin with a foundation or BB Cream that offers light coverage. Use cleansed fingertips to blend your BB Cream or foundation for a more natural look.

Item #4 – Eyebrow Gel
Set your eyebrows in place with clear eyebrow gel. Clear eyebrow gel does wonders at giving eyebrows a naturally groomed look.

Item #5 – Highlighter
Add glow to any look by using a highlighter. Highlighters can be found in the form of a cream or in a stick and functions to brighten, add dewiness and contour to the face and eyes. Apply your highlighter to the highest point of your cheekbones, the temples, eyes and the Cupid’s bow (area above your lip) to make your features pop.

Item #6 – Eyelash Curler
An eyelash curler is one of those beauty staples that is needed during any season regardless if you use mascara or not.

Item #7 – Really Good Mascara
The trick to knowing if your mascara is good is if after applied, the mascara enhances your eyelashes without looking or feeling cakey. Really good mascara makes eyelashes look defined, healthy and hydrated.

Item #8 – Salt Spray
Make your own salt spray or invest in purchasing salt spray to achieve naturally textured beach waves. To make your own salt spray, dilute 4 Tbsp. of salt into one cup of boiling water, let it cool and transfer into a spray bottle. Prior to spraying your combed damp hair, shake your salt spray solution and spritz your hair starting an inch from your roots down. Gently scrunch your hair and allow to air dry.

Item #9 – Translucent Powder
A light dust of translucent powder can be your best friend especially if you have oily skin or you want to extend the wear of your makeup.

Item #10 – Sunscreen
Practice safe skincare and protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays that could be damaging to your skin. Sunscreen should be used all year round to delay aging and age spots.

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