Tendances Maquillage Hiver 2014
Dec 15 2014

Winter 2014 Makeup Trends

Fresh-Faced Goddess: No matter what year it is, you can’t go wrong with a neutral, fresh looking face. Applying a color correcting foundation to your face with a makeup brush can give you that flawless, natural-looking coverage you are looking for. Be sure to groom your brows and apply a natural lip hue that matches the inside of your lip.

Metallic Glow: Metallic anything is back! Winter 2014, expect to see metallic on the lips, eyes and face. Blue hues have returned from the 80s and can be applied tastefully regardless of skin tone. To add a bit of metallic to the face, try a liquid highlighter for just the right amount of glow.

Wine Stained Lips: Deep cherry reds and plum lip shades often look great on any skin tone. The trick with applying dark lipsticks is to prep the lips prior to application. Gently exfoliate your lips, apply a hydrator, and line your lips with a lip pencil that matches your lipstick and then color within the lines with your chosen lipstick. Wine stained lips look great with full-groomed brows, a simple eye and matte skin.

Dramatic Liner: We all need a little drama in our lives! Well, I guess the right type of drama. This year eyeliner is one of the main focal points by makeup artists and designers everywhere! Winged, edgy, geometric and bold applications all go! Apply your eyeliner on natural looking eyelids.

Bold or Barely There Eyebrows: Eyebrows can frame your face for better or for worse. This season’s eyebrow trends involves either full, natural-looking brows that are a shade lighter than your hair or eyebrows that are up to three shades lighter than your hair. Barely-there brows can be achieved by bleaching your eyebrows to become lighter or even applying your liquid foundation over top the brow area. To tame unruly brows or to set the makeup applied to them, try a bit of hairspray on a brow wand and gently brush your eyebrows.

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