Trucs pour Rester Énergisée et Éveillée en Classe
Jan 05 2015

Tips to Keep You Energized and Awake While in Class

The winter semester has started and your sleep pattern is still stuck on holiday mode. Here are 10 Tips to keep you energized and awake while in class.

Ask Questions – Being engaged in class discussions or asking questions will instantly boost your energy and concentration by being involved in what you are learning.

Stay Hydrated – Packing a water bottle filled with cold water can help you stay awake and alert throughout the day. Taking small sips is a quick way to keep refreshed all day long.

Citrus – Eating a mandarin during class will not only give you a quick boost of Vitamin C, but the citrus scent is known to boost your mood instantly.

Take Notes – Taking notes can keep you engaged in class lectures and will keep your mind occupied from being tired.

Move Around – Excuse yourself from class to go out into the hall and move around to get your blood flowing. Sometimes sitting in a chair for two long can cause you to be a lot more tired than expected! Be sure to return back to class so you don’t miss anything!

Workout – Working out regularly before class will automatically boost your energy levels. Be sure to fuel lost energy with a nutritious diet and plenty of fluids.

Whole Foods- Eating a well-balanced diet and skipping refined sugars and starches will help to maintain a balanced energy level throughout the day. Start your day with a protein rich breakfast rather than a sugar packed cereal bar.

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