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Feb 10 2015

Rocking the Red: Quick Tips to Perfect Your Pout

Red lipstick is something every woman should rock and is the most intimidating to try. How many times have you applied a sexy red lipstick only to wipe it off moments later? Either the application is not smooth enough, or it looks as though you aren’t coloring in between the lines! Celebrities are not the only ones who can rock the red, here are some expert tips to perfect your pout.

Create a smooth canvas by exfoliating your lips prior to application. Create your own lip scrub at home by combining sugar and a good carrier oil like coconut oil. Gently work the lip scrub into your lips to remove any dry and dead skin cells. Another simple exfoliation method is to gently brush your lips with an unused soft toothbrush. Next, moisturize your lips to restore any lost moisture from exfoliating. After applying a lip moisturizer, apply a lip primer to fill in lip creases and to ensure that your lipstick won’t feather, fade or transfer. Before you start to apply your lipstick, you want to make sure that your lips are lined and filled for precise definition with a lip pencil as a base. Take your time, you can extend the outline of your lips (just a bit) to get a fuller pout.

It’s time to apply your lipstick. But Wait! Select a good quality lip brushfor easy application. Using a lip brush allows you to build color slowly. You’re almost done! After applying lipstick, set the color by covering your lips (lightly) with one-ply tissue. With your foundation powder brush, gently brush powder foundation onto your lips through the tissue. You can now apply one last coat of lipstick with your makeup brush for long lasting color.


To contour the shape of your lips, use a small brush to apply liquid foundation to the outside line of the lips: above the upper lip including the Cupid’s bow and the lower lip. Be sure to apply a very thin line and blend well. 

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