10 Trucs pour une Peau plus Claire
Jan 05 2015

10 Tips for Clearer Skin

It sometimes feels like no matter what you do, your skin just won’t become as clear as you’d like! While it may seem like you’re doing all the right things, here are 10 Tips that will help get the radiant, even- toned and healthy skin you want!

Taste the Rainbow – Now we are not suggesting Skittles ladies! Eating raw fruits and vegetables of various colors will give you the Vitamin A and C that your skin needs for cell turnover and overall skin health. Not only will your skin thank you for all the amazing Vitamins that fruits and vegetables contain, but it will also be nurtured with minerals.

Run Like the Wind – Studies have shown that cardiovascular exercise can increase the oxygen in your blood and in turn stimulates circulation while transporting more nutrients to the skin’s surface.

Raise Your Glass – To water! Water helps to flush out toxins from the body while promoting healthier, clearer looking skin. Plain water can get boring, try naturally flavoured water.

Laugh it off – Stress can play havoc on your skin. Sometimes just letting things be is the best medicine. Try not to stress the small stuff. Take time out for yourself and find activities you like to do on your “Me Time”.

Don’t Over Cleanse – Your skin has natural oils that protect and hydrate your skin. When you over cleanse, your skin becomes dry which can form microscopic cracks in your skin allowing for dirt and makeup to clog pores.

Remove Your Makeup – Removing your makeup when going to bed can really improve your complexion. Try Me 3in1 Eye and Face Makeup Remover which is an oil and alcohol free formulation!

Exfoliate – Gently exfoliate your skin twice a week to get rid of dead skin cells and to improve the look of your skin’s texture. Exfoliation can help to reduce breakouts. Be sure not to over-exfoliate as it could lead to sensitive dry skin.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes – Makeup brushes can accumulate a lot of gunk. Try to clean your makeup brushes once a month to ensure that they are disinfected of bacteria. After all, you don’t want that on your skin! A simple way to cleanse your makeup brushes is to purchase a cleanser specifically for your makeup brushes. Makeup brush cleanser can be found in most cosmetic aisles and should work double duty by disinfecting your brushes and removing makeup residue.

Sleep – Your body’s ability to heal itself is accelerated during rest mode. Getting 8 hours of sleep each night will definitely show on your face the next morning. Not only that, you will be better equipped for the next day.

Go Hand’s Free – How often do you clean your cellphone? Studies have shown that your cellphone could be the culprit of bad breakouts. With the warmth coming off of your phone, combined with the bacteria and this week’s makeup residue, head phones may be the way to go! If you prefer not to use headphones, simply get a disinfecting wet wipe and wipe the face of your phone once a week to eliminate a buildup of makeup and bacteria.

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