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Nov 04 2014

Makeup Tricks That Will Leave You Bright-Eyed Behind Your Specs

The possibilities of frames to choose from are endless but what about your makeup options? Don’t get discouraged, we have all the bases covered to have your eyes pop behind any pair of frames.

RULE #1 Line it up

Eyeliner can be a girl’s best friend and especially to make your eyes pop behind your glasses. Opt for thinner eyeliner with thinner frames and thick eyeliner with thicker frames. This will add definition to your eyes and make your eyes pop.

RULE #2 Opposites Attract

Choosing the right color for your eyeliner when wearing glasses is quite simple. It you are wearing colored frames and want to go with a similar color to line your eyes with, try a shade or two lighter. This will rule out the possibility of your eyes blending in with your glasses.

RULE #3 Get out of the Shadow

Glasses often cast a shadow over your eyes which cause the eyelids and the under eye to appear darker than they actually are. For a quick fix, apply a yellow toned concealer on the eyelid and below the eyes. Try to avoid using a darker shadow on the creases of your eyes.

RULE #4 Get into the Spotlight

Applying just a bit of color can really make your eyes pop. Line just a hint of color on your lower lash line.

RULE #5 Highlight It

For a healthier more vibrant look, apply a nude liner to your lower waterline and use a nude metallic eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.

RULE #6 Shape up

Your eyebrows are the true frames of your face. Properly groomed eye brows can make a world of difference.

RULE #7 Pucker up

If all else fails, apply a high pigmented lipstick.

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