5 Bénéfices de l’Exercice sur votre Peau
Jan 15 2015

4 Ways Working Out Can Improve the Look of You Skin

Don’t you just love it when you can incorporate one small thing into your lifestyle and reap rewards after? Working Out – it’s the gift that just keeps giving! Yeah sure, it can be a little tough to get motivated but once you see the benefits there will be nothing stopping you! Here are 4 ways working out can improve your skin (imagine what else exercise can do for the rest of you)!

1) Sweat Out Toxins – Our skin is the largest organ of our body and can either absorb or release toxins. High endurance exercise encourages the body to release toxins through perspiring. The result? Vibrant, healthy-looking skin!

2) Better Sleep – We all know that sleep can have many different effects on the body and having a good night’s rest is essential for gorgeous skin. A quick workout once a day can encourage a deep and restful sleep.

3) Less Stressed – Stress can really show on your face. Beat the mania with a calming Yoga class or an intense workout.

4) Better Circulation & Blood Flow – Exercise improves circulation and blood flow which allows for nutrients and oxygen to be carried towards the skin.

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