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Feb 03 2015

5 DIY Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Ah Valentine’s Day. Some loath the day while some couldn’t be more exited. Love is in the air this Valentine’s regardless of who you are sharing it with! Here are 5 thoughtful DIY Valentine’s gifts for anyone on your list!

Edible Valentine Cards

Nothing is sweeter than giving something sweet. Bake cookies ahead of time and decorate with personalized sayings for that special someone. Gift your deliciousness in a Valentine’s decorated tin or box.

Homemade Personal Care

Homemade soaps, scented Epsom salts or even body butter can be quite easy and inexpensive to make. Browse basic “how to” recipes online and personalize your gifts of care with scents, dried flowers and essential oils. Finally, package the potions and lotions in mason jars labelled with a personalized note, nickname or even poem.


Creating coupons for special people in your life couldn’t be more thoughtful. Some ideas include a girl’s night out for your bestie, one week of cooking dinners for your mom, a back massage for your man and even shovelling the snow for the little old lady who lives down the street. Remember, coupons do have to be redeemed at one point or another, coupon at your own risk!

Note It

Personalize Post-It Notes by writing down your most cherished moments and thoughts about the person you’re gifting them to. Be sure to get creative. Each time that special someone reaches to use their note pad, they will be reminded of you!


Flowers are always nice, but why not get creative?! Make your own arrangements out of small things you know he or she may like. Start off with a flower pot (any colour) and place gardener’s foam in the bottom of the pot. After, start working on the components that will form your arrangement. If the arrangement is for your guy, some items that you could include could be boxers (red or white works best for this project), his favourite chocolate and any other items that are light in weight. Next, fold and roll the boxers around one end of each wooden skewer so it forms the shape of a rose. You can also attach any other items (shaving accessories, socks, candy, chocolate, gift cards, mini drinkables, tea, travel size items etc.) to one end of any wooden skewer. Make sure that your items are fastened to the wooden skewers and are not too heavy so they hold when standing upright. Now that your “flowers” are formed, it’s time to arrange! Start planting your arrangement by inserting the bottom of the skewer into the gardeners foam. Once your arrangement is full and complete, cover the gardener’s foam with gift tissue and apply a handmade label to the front of the pot personalized for that special someone.

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