Tendance : Les looks printemps 2015
Feb 26 2015

On Trend: Spring 2015 Looks

Spring is in the air and so is word about this upcoming season’s hottest trends. Spring 2015’s hair and beauty trends are definitely going to be simple so gear up or better yet, gear down to achieve this season’s minimalist movement.


In the Nude

Less is better when it comes to your makeup this spring. At New York Fashion Week, fresh faced models strut the runway with minimal makeup. It’s okay to bare the real you – set the tone with a moisturizing BB Cream and a light dust of translucent powder for a matte, natural look.

Kiss Me Lips

Say goodbye to lipsticks and hello to lip stains because just bitten lips are in. To perfect your pout, prep your lips prior to staining them with exfoliation and hydration. Find a lip stain that best suits your skin tone by matching the color to the inside of your lower lip.

Bold Liner

Bold liner has been hot since Fall 2014 and is not going anywhere any time soon. Liner is your chance to add color, texture and shape to your eyes. This spring’s runway included bright and heavy liners including electric blue, tropical red and even white. Have fun with it.

Plum It

Plum is not just a fall color and if there is a color that is in this season, it’s deep plum hues. Apply plum to your lips or to your eye area for a sultry-romantic look.


In Knots

Tastefully knotted hair is here to stay. The next time you are in need of a quick do, try a half or full sumo knot by simply pulling your hair back (loosely or sleek).

Sleek and Wet

Remember when it was a must to give ourselves a quick blowout before leaving the house? Not anymore! Whether you pin it up, slick it back or decide to have a more masculine side slick, you want to prep your hair with hair care that remains wet or oily looking even after your hair is dry.

Undone Hair

Free your hair from the straightener this season and follow the naturally textured hair movement. Artfully dishevel your hair with undone braids, low ponytails and knots.



Get minimal with your nail polish application. We are starting to see a jolt of color or metallic on nude nails. To get this look, choose a bright color to paint in the lunulas (moons) of your nails, or paint a vertical stripe of metallic on the right or left edge of your nails while keeping the rest of your nail completely nude. To go completely nude without embellishments or color, use a naturally tinted top coat.


I dream of Jeans

Blue on Blue is one of this season’s biggest fashion trends. Remember when it was a fashion faux pas to wear jean on jean? Well not anymore. We are starting to see more tailored denim blouses, and even denim inspired accessories including shoes and scarves. Replace your tights with cropped baggy denim.

The Kimono Trench

Let it rain this spring if it’s going to let us wear light, silky Kimono style trenches. They are comfortable and can be paired with anything! Belt your kimono trench loosely as structure and form take away from their whimsical movement.

White Out

Play with textures, tones and fabrics. This year, it’s not about when you can wear all white but how you can pair white with white!

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